South Elm Projects

 2015, For Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC


South Elm Projects was a curatorial initiative promoting neighborhood-driven community revitalization through artist-led projects and programming. 

From April through November,  17 artists worked with Elsewhere’s curators, neighbors, small businesses, social agencies, arts and community leaders to design works addressing critical issues and encouraging smart approaches to ecology, social infrastructure, and urban place making in Greensboro's South side neighborhood. Commissioned artworks took form as greenscaping, light art, murals, participatory sculpture and performances that enhances community investment, civic participation, and grassroots creativity.

Commissioned artists included: Works Progress, Heather Hart, Buster Simpson, Agustina Woodgate, Carmen Papalia, Camp Little Hope, Tom Russotti, Chloe Bass, Poncili Creación, Milagros Collective, Chat Travieso, Megan Mosholder, Samara Smith, and the Greensboro Permaculture Guild.

Funded by Artplace America

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Photography by Mitchell Oliver and the Elsewhere Documentary Team