Ecologies Of GirlHood

August 2017 | Independent Project, Boone, NC 


A week long interdisciplinary workshop for a group of girls ages 7-10 that culminated in a collaboratively curated exhibition and performance event.   Activities included playful walking provocations inspired by Appalachian wildcraft, local river ecologies, bluegrass music, folklore, and the textures of downtown Boone. 

 Drawing inspiration from the little moments and things encountered on these walks, the girls created a series of cyanotypes, poems, and visual maps. The  body of work they produced explores girlhood as ecologically threaded through with indigenous plants, stories, poetry, ballads, and art.

I provided ongoing process based curatorial support throughout the week as an exploration of methods of socially engaged exhibition making and the relationship between education, art production and curation. 

Organized with Brooke Hofsess, Shauna Cauldwell and Jasmine Ulmer.